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         Choses Quotidiennes

Photographs of Everyday Things

The Japanese concepts of “mono-no-aware” (the pathos in things) and “ma” (the empty space around or within things that makes them useful) along with the inter-connectedness between people and things, has long attracted and fascinated me. In music, it could be said that it is the silence between notes that holds the sound. In my images, the objects wait silently, each with its own life and implication.

“Choses Quotidiennes”, or everyday things, is a collection of photographs depicting the extraordinary in the ordinary, by capturing the essence of the subjects’ inner fixed lives.
All images are individually printed using Epson archival inks on 100% acid free paper. They are available framed or simply matted in a white archival matte.

Photographies d'objets du Quotidien
Les concepts japonais de “mono-no-aware”, (le pathos dans les choses) et “ma”, (l’espace vide autour ou à l’intérieur des choses qui les rend utiles) avec l’interconnexion entre les gens et les choses, m’ont toujours attiré et fasciné. En musique, on pourrait dire que c’est le silence entre les notes qui retient le son. Dans mes images, les objets attendent silencieusement, chacun avec sa propre vie et implication.

"Choses Quotidiennes”, est une collection de photos illustrant l’extraordinaire dans l’ordinaire, en capturant l’essence de la vie intérieure fixe des sujets.Toutes les images sont imprimées individuellement à l’aide d’encres d’archives sur papier 100% fabriqué sans acide. Ils sont disponibles encadrés ou simplement dans unpasse - partout de qualité archivistique.

David Ellis - Pézenas, France

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Profound Lucidity

The Inner Life of Objects

Mono-No Aware - The Pathos In Things

My work explores the Japanese concept of "Mono-No-Aware", meaning, "the pathos in things". It can be an object or a moment when I feel an inexplicable essence that compels me to capture it in photo or film. The power is in its mystery. Presence-in Absence, where a human interaction is implied. A chair waits. A coffee pot knows stories! Two trees in a fleeting instant as a train flies past speak to me. I listen and shoot.

Two Trees
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